Photo [CC by 2.0] by Sean Mackey (theholyfada)

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

In a previous post named “Mend” I talked about how everyone should embrace their uniqueness and be different. I wanted to expand more on the idea in this post. Have you ever wonder about how the so-called “beauty standard” came to be? It is because everyone believes that’s what they need to look like or is it because of what society tells us? I personally think that the beauty standard is absurd.

Presumably, beauty standards came to be because of what is presented to us by the media and society. We feel the need to change our-self to be like what is portrayed by television, celebrities’ influence, photoshop and even history in order to be deemed beautiful.

Society makes us think that being beautiful means that we must have a small, button nose, skinny face, big eyes, long legs, perfect skin, perfect hair, etc. In reality everyone has some sort of flaws but it’s what makes them unique and beautiful in their own way.

My whole life I’ve been insecure. I didn’t like the way I looked and would put myself down, lowering my self-esteem. I thought that I wouldn’t fit in and no one would like me. I’ve recently come to realize that there’s nothing that I can do other than accept the way I am. I shouldn’t have to change myself for others, they should be able to accept the way I am instead of asking me to change.

Society, or even those around us, shouldn’t tell us what to look like. We shouldn’t try to change our-self to fit the ideals of others but instead be comfortable and be what makes us happy. Being beautiful doesn’t mean it has to be all about looks but it’s what’s within that shows our true beauty.


Image by Author

Mend” by Nathaniel Mary Quinn is a very unique and abstract artwork. Starting at the bottom, the artwork depicts a man wearing a regular collared shirt but as you shift upward, the neck extends up to a face full of different facial features in different colors and style of art. At first glance toward the piece of art, the face was the most prominent compared to the dull background. Taking the word mend (repair, rebuild, patch, improve, etc.) into consideration, how I perceived the painting is different from what it is.

I personally think that all the different elements represents beauty. Majority of society today think that they need to look a certain way or have a certain feature in order to be deemed beautiful. People want to look different and change their appearance to fullfill the so-called “beauty standard” that we have. Instead of trying to fit in and look similar to almost every other person, we should embrace the way we look because looking different doesn’t make us ugly, it makes us unique and beautiful in our own way. Instead of repairing, patching, or improving, everyone should come together and appreciate themselves for who they are and how they look.